The Imperial Academy of Arts located in St. Petersburg

The Imperial Academy of Arts was founded in 1723 by Count Ivan Shuvalo and then was bought by Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan, the Museum is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the largest Museums in the world and attracts nearly six million visitors a year. It holds artwork from Russia,France,England,Spain, and many other European countries. Its goal is to become the best international Museum in the world and the Museum that teaches art and culture to all people.

  • King Benjamin Macmorgan of France
  • Lord Admiral Matthew Blastshot of Great Britain
  • King John Breasly of Great Britain.
  • Prince Edgar Wildrat of England

JOBS ( please add your names )

Owner/President: King Benjamin Macmorgan of France

Vice President: King Matthew Blastshot

Manager of art: Prince Edgar Wildrat

President of the Press office: King Edward Daggerhawk

Head of Security: Miss Telltale

Head of Portraits: Captain Josh

Deep down in the basements of the Imperial Academy of arts is a huge library with over 50,000 books. Most of these books contain history, royal bios, royal family trees, and sheets of music. Some of these papers date back all the way to the 1400's. In 1
  • HMS Victory
  • Peter the Great's Admirial Ship
725 the Imperial Academy of Arts formed its very own orchestra to play these songs so they may once again be heard.

Medieval music. Our historians believe this is from 1435

Medieval music. Our historians believe this was during the inquisition.

a Italian medieval song, our Historians think it is from the 13th century


  • The royal crowns and staffs of England
  • The Russian royal crown.
  • Royal Jewels of the Romanov Family
  • The Royal Crown of France
  • French Royal Jewelry guarded by 50 guards.
  • a Italian tiara
  • The Royal crown of Spain
  • British Royal Jewels.
  • Royal crown of Denmark
  • The Royal Crown of England.

The Imperial Academy of Arts currently has 900 guards. And a small fleet of 40 war ships, and 23 cargo ships.


Places where you can find artwork from the Imperial Academy of Arts!

The Winter Palace, Russia

St James Palace, England

  • The Throne of Denmark
  • The Throne of England
  • The Throne of Russia

  • The Sword of King John Breasly of England
  • First Navy Weapons of King Matthew Blastshot of Denmark
  • The Sword of Prince Edgar Wildrat
  • Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan's Sword
  • Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan's Pistol

  • The Russian Winter Palace located in St. Petersburg
  • A staircase in the Winter Palace
  • a hallway in the Winter Russian palace
  • The Versailles
  • inside the Versailles, France
  • St. James Palace
  • Yorkshire Palace in Georgestown Denmark
  • A exact replica of the Monilisa.
  • King Matthew Blastshot of Denmark
  • First Sea Lord Matthew Blastshot(Faye)
  • King John Breasly of England
  • Queen Marie Antoinette of France
  • Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan of Russia
  • Francis Bluehawk of Prussia
  • Francis Bluehawk on his stallion
  • Prince Edgar Wildrat of England
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