Foggy Island

Ile de la Maudite's surrounding isles


Ile de la Maudite is located 25 nautical miles North of Isla Cangrejos. It is has the enchantment of Cursed Fog upon it. The Cursed Fog makes in unchartable, as well as invisible, to anyone who sails there without a visibility coin, Aztec gold, or a Medallion of Sight. Several small islands, smaller than Driftwood or Rumrunner's, surround the island.


The island is one of the oldest in the Caribbean. It was originially inhabited by Caribs, until a French mercenary named Jean Le'Fleur found it and killed the Caribs. Hoping to make it his own island, Jean built a town on it, but did not add it to the map. His town thrived, until Jolly Roger came. He captured the island and placed Cursed Fog upon it's shores. He cursed Jean Le'Fleur, renaming him Mercenaire, and placing his undead french base on it. Jolly placed a voodoo idol on the surrounding islands to uphold the Cursed Fog.

The Islands Names

Jean Le'Fleur originally named it Ile de la Grande, or Ile of the Great in French. When Jolly Roger captured the island, he renamed it Ile de la Maudite, or Isle of the Cursed.

The Island Today

The island today consists of four areas:

  • Maudite Beach
  • Maudite Jungle (Previous town)
  • Maudite Caves
  • Maudite Mountain

Maudite Beach

The Maudite Beach holds several Undead French Quartermasters and Maitres guarding shipwrecks and docked Shadow Crows, Blood Scourges, and Cerberus. There are several entrances to the Jungle, but the beach is only 90 degrees of the coastline.

Maudite Jungle

The Maudite Jungle was Jean Le'Fleur's town. Now it is overgrown jungles and mostly destroyed houses. Their are boxes and crates of weapons, gold, and relics littering the ground. This area is infested by Undead French Quartermasters, Maitres, and Lieutenants. There is a dark tunnel under a nearby waterfall there. Towards a destroyed tavern in the centre, there is an Undead French Lieutenant boss named Patrice.

Maudite Caves

Through the dark tunnel, you come out to a large, low-ceilinged, open cave. Undead French Quartermasters, Maitres, Lieutenants, and Capitaines cover this area. There are many stalagmites and stalactites in the area, as well as pillars of rock and destroyed mining tools. Towards the left is a rusty mining elevator, guarding the elevator is a Undead French Capitaine boss named Martin.

Maudite Mountain

At the top of the elevator is a winding path, leading from the mine exit to the top of the mountain. After climibing the winding path, you come out to the top of the mountain which is a pretty flat stretch of land. There are French Undead Lieutenants and Capitaines guarding the edges of the peak. In the centre is a boss named Mercenaire ordering several Undead Mercenaries around.



  • Undead Mercenary 40-45
  • French Undead Capitaine 25-30
  • French Undead Lieutenant 20-25
  • French Undead Maitre 15-20
  • French Undead Quartermaster 10-15


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