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"Make no mistake, no adversary will be able to stand against us once our work here is finished."

Icepick Base is the primary staging ground for the Polarian Empire's militant faction, the Second Advent. Situated close to Valencia in the Chiss Descendancy heartland, Icepick Base spans several miles in length and is widely recognized as one of the best defended locations in the GFW region.

Flanked on all sides by frost-peaked mountains, Icepick Base's shape resembles a massive crater. However, the Base extends far beyond what one is able to see from the surface; under the Base is a complex system of tunnels, hangars, and additional staging grounds.

Places of Interest

  • Primary Gun - Located at the center of the Base, the gun was the Polarian Empire's single greatest weapon. Powered primarily through harvested solar energy, the collected energy would be cycled through the Base's massive underground reactors for several weeks and converted into a destructive element known as "phantom radiation." When sufficiently charged, massive amounts of phantom radiation would be discharged from the primary gun and fired directly at the Finalizer space station orbiting the planet and subsequently redirected at the intended target.
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