The I N F E R N U S guild is one of the finest located in the Caribbean. Their main goal for the guild is to help guild members and just have fun! They have guild parties often to reach their goal of being the finest and funnest guild in the Caribbean! They often do plunder days and events. Plunder days is every friday and saturday the guild meets up at Abassa Tortuga and prepares to go out on the sea to plunder the ships of the vile Eitc and the Navy Swine (Bashing Jolly Rogers men too!) at this event you can join the guild and start the fun! But before you may join you must be judged by the finest guild officers or the guildmaster himself! The judging is part of the goal to become finest in the Caribbean! This is not your average guild created by a weak pirate with just dreams. The Guildmaster Vinny Fireeagle is a wise and trusted man unlike many of those guilds aspiring to become large. I Roger Coalrage was granted the rare oppurtunity for someone of my level to get into the guild just to learn about it! In this guild there is always guaranteed someone to help you!

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