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INFERNO Flag suggestion.

Inferno flag is the flag for Inferno. It states that inferno has this territory, you pass, you die. We have the sharpshooters and INFERNO Army there, you will get shot to death or put in jail forever until you die. Inferno is one of the biggest guilds there are in the caribbean. The INFERNO flag was made up by Snaaper won of the men in Inferno. Snaaper also made up Inferno Army, INFERNO sharpshooters. INFERNO Lord Snaaper is a Veteran in Inferno, he wants to be a officer, but I dont think he will :D. Snaaper made the inferno flag for Inferno territory so people know if they pass they die, as stated up top. There are warning signs that say "Ye be warned." Most flags you find in Abassa, the main server on POTCO, because Inferno is said to own Abassa. Other enemy guilds have invaded The Abassa Inferno Fort but..... next thing you know, dead skeletons hanging and more poeple run. Once a sharpshooter sees you pass the sign, you are dead and you will never come back out alive so ye be warned.
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