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INFERNO is a maxed guild currently led by Ned Yellowbeard. It was never struggling and quickly grew. Right now it is "The Guild to be in." INFERNO is an unlimited access and basic access guild. Also, there are a couple back-up guilds because it is maxed:

  1. INFERNO Fleet
  2. INFERNO Elites
  3. INFERNO Heroes
  4. INFERNO Leaders

(These are the only authorized back-up guilds.)

  • If you want to join INFERNO you must be a level 40 pirate or higher. There are no exceptions to this rule.

INFERNO is one of the greatest Guilds in the Caribbean. Dominating the Leaderboards, PVP and SVS. INFERNO is a VERY active guild. If you need help with anything or just want to find something to do, most are happy to help. Just call out in guild chat what you need and normally you will get many replies. INFERNO is spread out across the Caribbean doing all and any activity. Including but not limited to:

  1. Looting
  2. Plundering
  3. SvS
  4. PvP
  5. Cannon Defense
  6. Material Sailing
  7. Boss Looting
  8. INFERNO only Foulberto
  9. Parties
  10. Screenshot 2012-01-21 15-49-16

    INFERNO Guild Line

    Guild Lines

CO-GM's and Officers

  1. Jade - CO-GM/Officer (aka: Rose Redbain, Jade, Jade Rose, Jade and Sassy Lassy)
  2. Davy Badshot - CO-GM/Officer
  3. Edgar McMorgan - CO-GM/Officer
  4. Jack Shipwrecker - Officer
  5. Christopher Bladeswine - Officer
  6. Arrguy - Officer
  7. Christopher Blastwallace - Officer
    INFERNO Ships Sunk
  8. Blackskull - Officer
  9. Chris Sharkcutter - Officer
  10. Heartless - Officer
  11. Jack Ironhound - Officer
  12. Solomon McMorgan - Officer
  13. Jack Scurvyfoote - Officer
  14. Nell Seawalker - Officer
  15. Katrina Firehawk - Officer
  16. Chris Edgemalley - Officer

Enemy Guilds

  1. Paradox
  2. The Delta Republic
  3. Saved by the Blade
  4. The Complex
  5. Armada of Storms

Creation of INFERNO

As many players know, INFERNO was created by Ned Yellowbeard. Ned began playing not too long ago, in mid-2010 (roleplay year: 1743). He always dreamed of making a large guild, but then a large guild known as Famed "owned" the Caribbean. Ned was at Kingshead walking towards people who were in Famed. Those Famed members called him a noob and they told him to get away from their place. It was no surprise for Ned, people from Famed were always verbally abusing friendly players new to the game. Ned vowed revenge by creating a guild he called "INFERNO". It had no problem growing and soon it was strong enough to fight off Famed. In fact, the Guild was so big, it took over Kingshead. Ned was concerned because he felt bad about not letting high levels in, so he was forced to rise the level minimum to 30, then 40, and then it gradually rose to 43 and now sits back at 40. In the process of making the guild, Ned met some good friends and loyal members. INFERNO is now a family of diverse players and loyal members

Screenshot 2011-12-09 15-30-52


"Let others say what they want about you, say nothing back. Always remember the one who speaks out against others will always be the weaker man."

-Ned Yellowbeard, GM

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