The ITBPB is a formal ball and a festive party all together. It is for the International Trading Bank, the biggest bank in the world, founded by Captain Shadow Sail, the richest man in the world. This event is the most exclusive and expensive of its kind. It is very often, possibly once a month or so. Only certain people are allowed to come, the rest will be punished by guards if they happen to show up, most likely thrown in jail. The ball takes over 200,000 gold to prepare for, being the bank with the most money, helps with the expenses, but there is an admission fee of 2,000 gold per person.

At the ball/party we offer:

  • Entertainment: Band, DJ, and more.
  • Food: We provide the best food that the Caribbean has to offer. Including, lobster, stuffed flounder, and much more.
  • A good time: We guarantee you will have the time of your life!
  • A place to see your friends: If a friend is not on the list, talk to Shadow, the host, and he will see what he can do for you!


Will always:

  • Be Held at Kingshead
  • Have a dress code: Must have matching: Coat, Shirt, Pants, Boots, and belt.
  • Be at night: The ball will always be held some time in the evening or at night.
  • Have a cost: Admission is 2,000 gold.
  • Be highly secured: Guards will be there such as: Navy/EITC/Other hired assassins such as the guild, Italian Empire. These men are trained to only attack people who are doing harm to the ball.

Nearest Ball

On hold.

Guest List

These guests ARE asked to attend ALL events. If they cannot, they are asked to tell Shadow. If one of these guests do not attend without warning, they will be issued a fine.

These guests may come to all events in the future as well as the current one:

Security will be provided by:

If you would like to come, say so in the comments, leave a message here, or contact Shadow in the game. Please do not just add your name.

All Employees are Asked to Come: But, if they are, they are also asked to say so in the comments, leave a message here, or contact Shadow in the game.

Not Welcome

These are the people who are not welcome to come and if they do, they will be attacked by guards

  • King Jack B. Why? Caused too many fights and tried to "take over" the balling area. Other nasty reasons that should not be stated.
  • Jolly Roger Why? I think you should know why.

Honored Members

If the words" Honored Member!" are next to your name, Shadow would be honored if you would come! 

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