Gun badge

INFINTY is great in firearms

INFINITY was a strong powerful guild. Our guild master was Siadrak Jean. INFINITY used to be named FRONT LINES but then changed to Golden Agents. We soon changed it to INFINITY and Because Jean was banned forever, we have created Legendary Blade and we'll keep it the same until further notice. When Siadrak Jean started INFINITY every member had to be level 50. When we had good a decent amount of members, we changed the required level to level 10.


  • Use Good language
  • Respect all members
  • No using all caps or you're kicked out
  • DO NOT EVER curse or swear

Most Wanted

Jean's false reporter all codes for information

Our Motto

" We will always live forever but when thou has no faith we shall die "


In December 2010 an INFINITY member named Jon Badblade* was chosen to spy on INFERNO and discover what they have been hiding and where they're source and info is coming from. Jon says that they have secret hideout secretly hidden under Tortuga. Jon and INFINITY plans to smuggle a few weak and puny members for interrogation. He plans to assassinate Ned Yellowbeard in June 2011 with his cursed dagger.

Our Enemies

  • Anti-INFERNO
  • Spartan Savvy Jr.
  • P E A C E Keepers
  • This or That
  • Ocean Gods
  • U don't own us
  • Shadow Blood
  • Orgins of Divinity
  • Corsair Covenant
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