INFERNO is a big guild, well they need gunners so a man made up the INFERNO sharshooters. INFERNO sharpshooters pratice on any island they get much much training and some is good enough to defeat the captain of the INFERNO sharpshooters if they pass now INFERNO sharpshooters level is for 35 and up So sorry lower

levels you will get there. Stuff you might want to know about: You must have a musket to be a sharpshooter, if you do not have a musket the captain will tell you go to go buy one but lucky he knows a code for alot of gold. Dont spend the money on something else with the code though, if you do, you will be kicked out of sharpshooter of INFERNO.

EliteSharpShooters. Jared

An EliteSharpShooter posing as an Inferno sharpshooter training to fight the captin by shooting at a wall.

Don't worry about beating the captain part, he's as good as a sensei XD

Just with the right training you can defeat him he needs like 9 shots to be taken down and you need 10 so he gives you an extra shot because you're new to defeat the Captain.

Now if your having trouble defeating the Captain, just train a little more and you will defeat the captain eventually.

INFERNO sharpshooters is for people in INFERNO or INFERNO Jr only.

To pass training you must do push ups, target practice, and if you're out of bullets use it like a sword here's the Captain's weakness, if he wasnt so buff but it hurts him enough:

Shoot him 2 times in the shoulder, he would come up to you then when u see him come drink phantom spirits. Then go behind him, hit him in the back of head with your gun he will turn around, then you hit him in the face. Then get him to the edge of the top tower hit him in the belly then face he will go down and fall. He will get back up a little rusty at fighting cause he's wounded. Then hit him all the way to the bell get his ear close to the bell and ring it. This will hurt his ear drums. Then you hit him in the belly again he hits his head on the ringing bell and he falls down the steps. You have defeated the Captain and have became an INFERNO sharpshooter master. So remember what I said and you got no problem in beating Captain but still alot of training. Just train hard and beat him up dont worry.

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