The controversial, but very powerful guild was formed by Ned Yellowbeard. Many other notable guild officials are Jade, Jade Rose, Johnny Shark, Thomas Treasurehound, Arrguy, Capt. Mike, and many others. Yellowbeard formed it to take revenge on a guild that verbally abused him, "Famed". His revenge was successfull and even more, the guild became one of the Caribbean's greatest. They took down many EITC guilds, even the Co. Empire (with other's help). Despite that, today they are at a cold war with the EITC.

Screen Shot 2011-11-24 at 12.01.09 PM

INFERNO's guild line. Ned Yellowbeard (left), Johnny Shark (right).

INFERNO Milita Creation

The militia was made simply when INFERNO began fighting wars. INFERNO is not an agressive guild though, so they only fight when fought. To show INFERNO's fierceness, they do their infamous guild line with Ned Yellowbeard in the middle. As far as wars go, INFERNO is undefeated, and the only battle they lost was to Co. Empire, which they won back.

Milita Naval Unit

The naval unit, led by Capt. Mike and Arrguy is usually used to blo

Screen Shot 2011-12-10 at 11.18.10 PM

A symbol of INFERNO

ckade islands during guild events so outsiders can't get in. This actually works very well, as long as the island is small. Many anti-Infernonians try to spy, but it is very hard to get in.

Milita Rankings (Highest-lowest Ranked)

1. Commander in Chief

2. Terrain General

3. Naval General

4. Captain

5. Lieutenant

6. Gunner

7. Soldier

8. Probational Member

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