snaaper commanding the army to form a musket line for a war in padres del fuego

Inferno army is a big giant army of inferno members, you can only join if you are in Inferno Jr, Inferno, or allies with Inferno. Inferno Army is the smallest army in the Caribbean, it is tough and led by a trust worthy man.

About The Leader

I will train you as much as I trained in any wars. Sharpshooter Masters and the Inferno Army will go into the war lead by me and I will tell when to start. We will have cannons at fort and shoot every enemy in sight. If your not sure you can do this, don't worry its not as hard as a real army, it is just a big giant army thats Inferno, Inferno Jr. and allies of Inferno. If we all join this army we will destroy our enemies and make them suffer to god. To join Inferno Army, you must be in Inferno Inferno Jr. or allies of Inferno and must meet with the leader to join; hes likes to level up at Tormenta or Cave of Lost Souls and likes to go to Kingsarm on Abassa and help hes friend, Andrew.

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