The Hungarian Switch is the throwing knife/dagger/voodoo staff of Emperor Jeremiah Stormwash VII Of Hungary! He used it in many battles of his life, and was never defeated, or even scratched. According to the folktales of Hunary, this blade was blessed by no other than Attila The Hun. It wasn't actually blessed by Attila, but by no other than Ares, Greek god of war. (Mars is the name of Ares's in Roman)

The Hungarian Switch


Weapon Type: Throwing Knife, Dagger, and Voodoo Staff.

Attack: 97

Skills: Iceberg Rank 5, and Silver Freeze Rank 5

Boosts: +5 Viper's Nest, +5 Eviscerate

How To Use

Hold it by the ghost's bone at the butt, and throw, use as dagger or voodoo staff.

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