Horror is an undead boss that can be found in The Palace of Hel (located in Hel) Horror is a patrol reaper and guards the Palace of Hel; Jackyl Rogers isn't killed. Horror is a Shadow Reaper meaning he can pass through walls and is stronger in darkness and graveyards. Horror is also the gardener of Devils Garden[1] he is employed as an assassin for The Almighty Grand Lord of Chaos, Khaos.

Horror can also be found aboard Jackyl Rogers's Ship O' the line.


Horror has many powers given to him by The Almighty Grand Lord of Chaos, Khaos he is a powerful reaper and has the ability to shoot death & fear from his Demon Scythe which was blessed (cursed) by Grim Reaper John The Midget Underlord of Chaos.

Reaoer in shadows


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