Hookshot is a level 50 in the guild Ocean Gods/ Ocean Gods2. He is in the top 70 for enemies defeated overall. Can be found on the OG/ OG2 home server, (Desereau), on Cuba shooting gators or in Galaacare if Desereau has too many people. If he is not there, check in the public section of the dingy to launch your ship, he may be sinking little ships to get onto the leader boards.

He has 2 other pirates:

  • Joseph Hookshot
  • Joseph Justice

His best friends include Monica Seamaiden (Ocean Gods), Emily Darkhawk (Ocean Gods 2), Isaiah Ropeswine (Eternal Warlordz), Aurora Ocean Knight (Ocean Gods), and William (McRaging)

He Owns the El Patron cutlass, is a hardcore stat builder, and an Amateur PvP.

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