This is the official guard of The Bell of the Unknown Soldier. This is the memorial that has been dedicated (on the Nineteenth and Twentieth of October 1745 (2012)) to pay tribute to the true heroes of the Eastern India Trading Company, the unknown soldiers who gave their lives defending the Colonial E.I.T.C and the freedoms guaranteed to all people of the world.

Joining Requirements—Unlimited Access

Level 20-50 Minimum 1 year E.I.T.C experience

Level 20-30 Pistol Level 20-30 Sword

Training—Training to qualify as a member of the Honor Guard must pass six months of training that is envious to even the special forces training. Guards must follow a strict code of conduct to be allowed the sacred honor of being called a Member of the Honor Guard.

Code of Conduct—Must obey all guild, crew, and public chat silence. Must enforce all rules, NO EXCEPTIONS. Guards will obey all Honor Guard Officers (No others) and wear all parts off the correct uniform.

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