Hole Deep is an island located extreamly to the Caribbeans western side. It is home to the Lost Weapons of Etienne.


Etienne made a huge stash of weapons with him and his crew of Frenchmen. But, some pirates were very greedy and went after his weapons. Etienne needed to hide his weapons so, he sent many french ships to the north, south, and east to make the pirates loose his trail. His capital ship Le Relevement went west. He encountered the island of Hole Deep after days of travleing.

They took the weapons and travled on the island. They fell in a huge hole(which was actually the sunken cave). They found the sunken town that had no name. They saw nobody was home so they continued with the chests of weapons. Then, they found a speacial area to stow all the weapons.

They found plenty of resources to use while they stayed on Hole Deep. After days of delivering the weapons from the ship to the hideout, they encountered pirates! The pirates were ambushed and killed but, Etienne wanted more revenge on their souls. He used speacial voodoo artifacts to capture their souls and use them to defend the sunken town. The crew was angry with their captains choice.

After commiting muatantney, only one crew member survived. The crew member left the island and warned everyone he could to never go to Hole Deep. Years later, French musketeers came and tried to claim the weapons for their leader, Pierre Le Porc. The musketeers decided to leave the weapons alone and just guarded them. Only the strong, brave, crazy, and wise can make it out alive... or with at least one weapon.



  • Pirate Ghost:Level 35-42
  • Musketeer Ghost: Level 37-44
  • Rage Ghost: Level 44-52


  • French Musketeer: Level 35-45


  • Etienne


  • Work for Hire:Kill Musketeers
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