United Kingdom March of the Royal Navy Heart of Oak

United Kingdom March of the Royal Navy Heart of Oak

Heart Of Oak

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The British Navy was founded in the 1600s. They serve there Allegaince to His Majesty the King/Queen. Its colors are Red & White. Its march is called Heart Of Oak.The history of the Royal Navy can be back to before the ninth century AD. However the present Royal


British Flag

Navy was formally created as the national naval force of the Kingdom Of England in 1660, following the restoration of the throne to Kings Charles II. In 1707 it became the naval force of the Kingdom of Great Britain right after the union between England & Scotland, which in a series of events merged the Royal Navy with the smaller but still powerful Royal Scots Navy.


British Naval Flag

Motto: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum ~ If You Wish For Peace, Prepare For War!

Ships Under Its Command

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