Hippie is a Pirate War Master of the Caribbean, is a fierce warrior that serves Pearson Wright (or, Pirate) in his wars against the EITC and anything else that comes in The Delta Army's Path. All the EITC soldiers Hippie confronts COWER over his monstrously broad shoulders and the Scarlet skull over his head. Hippie is also currently the 3rd in command pirate, in The Delta Empire. If you see Hippie anywhere in the Caribbean, know that he can literally rip your guts out.

Hippie's job is to obliterate anyone that comes in his way. He lives to one day destroy the EITC with his bare hands and make sure that Pearson Wright is victorious. Only god knows what Hippie is capable of. Samuel Redbeard, and Capt. Skull X, beware. You got a storm coming.

David 23:09, April 9, 2011 (UTC) Yo, Hippie is a EITC crushing monsta, he can pwn3 anyone in a heartbeat (apparently their last hearbeat). He is an awesome dude. He is our best soldier, he is the best jumper in our guild, even better then me (big suprise) Just stay away from him and he won't hurt you (maybe)

by: Roger Goldhawk beware of hippie... he will crush you! lol dont mess with him

you are right nothing can stop him in pvp he is monster dont kidding watch videos bye

Screen shot 2011-04-09 at 6.53.06 PM

Hippie, the feared warrior of The Delta Empire

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