The HRC or High Rank Co explains itself. It is an organization that only high ranking people can join. Some examples may be:

  • King
  • Lord
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Etc.
  • If you are not sure if the job you have allows you to join this government, ask in the comment section.

You can be a King, Lord, etc, of a place, government, anything. Like the High Council. Only this government focuses on more than governments.


Founded by King Shadow Sail about 1 year ago, this government is fairly new. It now has very powerful, respectful, and most of all, high ranking members. People everywhere envy this organization and want to get in. But, as Captain Shadow declared when making the government: "This government is for high ranking members and high ranking only. No exceptions." The organization instantly became popular and well known though out the world.

Captain Shadow stated this about the government:

"I, Captain Shadow Sail, made this government for the simple reason of acknowledging the high ranking citizens of the world. The people who serve a very significant part in society. These people need to be seen, heard, and appreciated for their hark work and leadership skills. Thus, the government High Rank and Co was born"

~King Captain Shadow Sail


Captain Shadow Sail ~ President / Founder of the HRC / King of Italy

Screenshot 2011-01-16419-43-11

Jack Swordmenace ~ Grand Duke of Paris

172px-Screen shot 2010-08-29 at 1 06 45 AM

Samuel Redbeard ~ Lord Marshal and EITC Leader

Screenshot 2011-0111-29 21-46-19

Dog Hullbones ~ Lord of Port Royal

310px-Screenshot 2010-09-11 19-38-52

John Breasly ~ King of England

400px-John Breasly (2)1

Richard Goldvane ~ Founder/Leader/Master of The Alliance of The Lords

Flipping coin1

Edward Daggerhawk ~ King of Belguim

Slappy ~ Golden Lord of the East India Trading Company


Capt. Skull X ~ GM of Skull's Marines

830px-Screenshot 2011-02-10 09-14-29

Benjamin Macmorgan ~ Lord of the EITC and Monarch of the Co Empire

Captain John ~ King of Norway

Want to be a member? List who you are and what you want to be in the comments. Also, please tell Captain Shadow Sail where he can find the picture you would like posted on the page.

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