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Don Fuzzy

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Don Fuzzy is a member of La Mafia as a Don. He joined up recently. He can be stealthy when he wishes to, merciless when he doesn't. He uses his epic knives known as Lost Blades to kill the enemies of La Mafia. When not doing that, he loots on Isla Tormenta with his other weapons. His arsenal of weapons includes Hoja Fría de Fuego, World Eater Blade, Lost Sword of El Patron, Silver Freeze and many more. He uses his Master Crafted Repeater Pistol to assassinate EITC and Navy Soldiers from a long distance.

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Step is wearing:

  • Bright Red Shirt
  • bright red pants
  • bright red belt
  • Forest green sack vest.

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I'm gonna make him an offer

he can't refuse...

With pain,

High Don Fuzzy BloodSpot @admins sig-sign

The Dons High Don Fuzzy is a Don in La Mafia
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