Lord Hernandez was born in the early 1700's to Garcia Rodriquez the first and Jo-an Rodriquez in a spainish colony. But soon terror struck there little town when pirates looted it. Sadly a pirate attacked their house and it was burnt down only Hernandez managed to escape, that was the day when Hernandez was only a teenager he vowed he would some day rule the eitc....

After the death of his parents Hernandez joined spain as a mariner but he quickly rose to the rank of Admiral of the fleet (this was the time of the french-spainish war). After the war he left spain and joined the EITC . Hernandez was only in his twenties at the time.


At last Hernandez was hapy in his place but he knew he had to move on and he did with great success at the age of 25, head of the navy and second in command of military - he left. It was instatnt outrage the Caribbean gazette screamed headlines "HERNANDEZ OF THE EITC RESIGNS!" "HERNANDEZ OF THE CO LEAVES THE EMPIRE!" everyone was surprised Hernandez was top of his class the youngest ever head of navy in the EITC and he throws it away. Hernandez of course never forgot his vow all those years ago he vowed to rule the eitc and he would.

Creation of Royal Imperial Co.

Hernandez after much persuasion finally got the charter to create his guild, Royal Imperial Co. he became a lord and now fights the battle to rule the EITC and defeat anyone who stands in his way but reward those who help him. He is now powerful with a wide spread of allies he is struggling in his position as head of the EITC because many challenge his power but overall everyone respects him.

Current Life

Finally after much wait Hernandez (now lord) Runs a multi - guild empire of EITC soldiers. Hernandez now has slightly overcome his anger towards pirates and has learned that they can be useful as long as you dont turn your backs to them. however the lord is very preoccupied with the war he is having with Captain Leon

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