(Disclaimer - Hellmouth is not my invention.)

Hellmouth is a creature from, you guessed, Hell. So far, only two members of his species has been found.


A long time ago in an unknown location, a prince awaited the line for the throne. In the meantime he practiced black magic and soon, dark things began to happen to him and the kingdom he was to rule. A girl commonly known as Lucy loved him, and tried to stop his witchcraft. The king eventually decided that he was unfit to be ruler and made his cousin, Soriasus, the heir. In an attack of rage, the denied prince accidentally cast a demon against the city and destroyed it, including his lover.

Soon a witch discovered his activity, and cast over him a deep and unbreakable spell, and then sent him into a deep sleep. Over a hundred years later the prince awoke, only to find himself a horrifying undead beast.


The demon now thrives in Hell, devouring the twisted souls and screaming in the stinking flames of his own wicked sins. For a while he was left alone for anyone who came near him was.... let alone killed. But his heart calmed just a little, and now he can be spoken to without killing something first.

He is still too powerful and indeed self-willed to be controlled - however, Kitty has found a way to somehow influence him, if he is in a good mood.


The beast is immortal, and cannot be destroyed except by only one thing..

As far as anyone knows his spell is unbreakable and he will never become human again.


  • His power is unlimited, but he is most commonly known to use a dreaded curse called the Platinum Death.
  • Any magic he uses is channeled by his hands or his mouth
  • He can and will swim under water if totally necessary, but otherwise avoids it.
  • He is rude, vain, very stubborn; and seems to be proud of it.
  • It is possible to gravely wound him, but he bleeds fire, so be careful not to poke around too much.
  • He can change his size, varying to anything from a tiny fairy-sized creature to a demon bigger then the highest mountain.


Seriphia - A female version of himself. They hate each other though, and never speak to each other without attacking first.

The Great Leviathan - They mostly fight with each other, but will occasionally team up.

The Havoc - Not well acquainted, but they certainly don't get along.

Kitty - He idolizes her.


  • Winter
  • His face, with one of his claws next to it.
  • Flying over Hell
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