H E A R T is a TLOPO pirate guild founded by pirate friends Law and Corazon. The guild name and names of the pirates in charge are a inspired by the 'Heart Pirates' lead by 'Law Trafalgar' in the pirate show 'One Piece'. The guild is currently active and friendly, if you need help with quests, leveling, advice, or just someone to have fun with we're always available in chat.

REQUIREMENTS. You are not required now or ever in the future to be any particular level to join since active members of TLOPO community make secondary pirate characters often level up extremely quickly. We only require members to be active, so the limit of inactivity before you are removed currently is 3 months. If you tell an officer or the GM beforehand that you are leaving for vacation or you need to focus on school but you do not want to be removed, we will write your name and keep you in the guild as long as possible up until we run out of space for other currently active members. We don't mind if anyone leaves the guild and wants to return later on after exploring other options or quitting the game for a few months, you are always welcome to rejoin. Level min for veteran is 10. Level min for officer is 20. These might change as the guild grows.

PROMOTIONS. You will be promoted to Veteran when GM sees or is recommended by others that you are an active and kind member in chat and play. You will be promoted to Officer when the GM sees you are a trustworthy and kind person who will ensure the safety of the guild by being a good judge of character in case of an emergency case removal of a member who is being disrespectful, cruel, or a simple troll.

DISCORD. If you wish to join our guild discord please add GM Law ( lawlu#6255 ) and she will send you a private link to the guild chat after she confirms your in game pirate name! Anyone is welcome so long as you are currently in or are a close friend of the guild! :) 

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