This ship is one of the fastest ships, and biggest ships. Its' hull is huge. It can hold up to 150 cargo. It has 50 cannons on both sides. and on the deck on both sides has 20. It sails are huge, and can ( secretly ) can go faster then The Black PEARL!!!

  • Holds 150 cargo, can gold 50 Treasure Chests
    HMS XX-Victory

    HMS XX-Victory

  • 50 Cannons on the Broad and Starbroad side
  • 20 Cannons on the deck on both sides
  • The Sails are HUGE
  • Can Sail through the whole CARIBBEAN
  • Owned by Ireland ~ Princess Carly, of Ireland EITC Transparent
  • Has defeated a fleet of ships, with reinforcements behind the enemy
  • Can RAM through a iceberg
  • Is ported in England next to Princess Carly's cousin Lord Maxamillion, and his ship the Golden Shark
  • Hold up to 300 people, ( without cargo )

This Ship if owned by Princess Carly at the momment of Ireland

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