The HMS Vile Wave is leader of the Undead prime ship

Here's a tour of it!

Demeter artwork

HMS vile wave Coming out of the Sea

In The inside we walk down the hall And turn right you're at the captain's quarters
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Captains Quarters Front

The captain's quarters contains papers jewels and potions. He sleeps here and writes.

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Captains Quarters Back

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Cargo Hold

The cargo holds cargo we've got from enemies and sunken ships Most lower Ranks sleep here or on The Main Deck.

This is the north deck men look out to see ships ahead and whose threatening to take it down

Potco UK-Skeletons

North Deck

POTCO Battle

Main Deck

This is the main deck crew mates train here, scrub the floors, sleep and other ways to blow off steam. They also fight mutineers or rogue pirates who board and try to attack.


Secret Graveyard Made in Ship

Here We Have The Secret built in graveyard To make sure we have enough Men For battle and other purposes.


The Stern.

Heres the last place of the ship the stern, the Captain, Admiral Sloppy, Or General Roger might sail the ship here and the mates will fire cannons to protect the ship.

The stats of the ship are below

Broadsides: 45

Cannons: 20

Health 99,211

Crew mates: 30

Cargo: 50

Special Abilites: Can Teleport Anywhere in the Caribbean.

Can Glow in a foggy way

Can Make Invasions

Can Increase Firepower

Invisible powers.

Hidden images on ship and its crew

At Night it turns glowly Night stary Blue.

Thats all folks Theres your tour!

- Rotten Rob.

The ship will be released on seas when Revenants and new ships come out.

Davy Jones's theme song

Davy Jones's theme song

HMS Vile Wave theme

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