HMS Tyrant was a War Brig commanded by Joseph Crestscarlett, leader of the guild Beckett's Pride. It fought in

The HMS Tyrant.

several major battles, including the Battles of Mar De Plata, The Battle of the Hinterseas, and the Battle of Padres del Fuego.

During the Battle of the Hinterseas, it was severely damaged by the rogue warship Tally-Ho, and forced to port, but relaunched and sank Tally-Ho, ending the battle. It also sunk several bounty hunters during the Battle of Padres, and defeated Vengeance II in the 2nd battle of Mar De Plata.

It's greatest achievement was during the 1st Battle of Mar De Plata, when it dueled the Revenge, flagship of the Logan Heights fleet. After it won the duel, the ship received a message saying that the Raider Empire guild's stronghold in El Sudoron was under attack. The ship ported at Padres Del Fuego, and the crew joined the battle, effectively ending the Logan Heights presence in the southern Caribbean.

HMS Tyrant is thought to be a War Brig outfitted with the armor and weapons of an EITC Tyrant Treasure Fleet escort ship. It shot Thunderbolt, Round Shot, and Firebrand, and was very fast for it's size.

The first incarnation of the Tyrant was a regular brig with red sails. This was later replaced by the current incarnation, which was a War Brig.

  • Armor: 13,000
  • Sails: 11,000
  • Cannons: 12
  • Broadsides: 24
  • Cargo: 20
  • Crew: 12
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