The HMS Stronger is the ship of the line in Lord Hernandez's Royal Fleet. The ship took a very long time to make and it was rumored thatt Driftwood Island AND Outcast island. The ship is the largest one on record with 80 broadsides and 81 crew men (one man every cannon and driver) The ship is made of the finest wood and is literally a fort on water it is often referred to as The Fort or The Big One Although the crew is powerful it often holds very important people with a massive belowdeck area this ship contains its own massive cargo and quarters for the captain and several special rooms for important guests. The ship has a very long important history it used to house Elizabeth Swann herself. Aside from the crew it also has an exclusive servants and cleaning service. The ship holds the most powerful ammp such as Explosives, Flame Greandes, Firebands and Chain Shoys set afire and dipped in oil. This ship is one of extreme power and is a battalion in itself. A French pirate remembers recalling"Tis a monster she turned her port on me hearty and i saw 'im sink straight to davy jones locker." When Watching the HMS Stronger sink his (qoute) hearty. When the ship was designed its builders, The Ship Co. they noticed that because of its massive size the ship would be slowwer then a rock thrown overboard. To work around this problem The Ship Co. designed many extra sails on the sides and top of the ship all made out of the finest materials thus causing the ship to move actually double the speed of a regular war frigate.

The Sails themselves

The sails of the HMS Stronger had alot of thought put into them due to the ships size it was hard to correctly place them without making the ship sink or for the ship to be TOO fast making the ship go in one direction to long. The sails were all designed by Edgar Wildrat each sail was hand sewn by pirate slaves taken from Thieves den. Each set of sails is made each based on the way the wind is blowing, each sail is specially made to move based on the way the wind is blowing. "Arg that Edgar WIldrat had us workin' hard and long inta the night making sure we made each one of 'em flags just right for 'em. (Qoute taken from (late) Josh Morris)

Important members of the ship

Lord Hernandez

  • King John Breasly
  • Lord Benjamin Macmorgan
  • Marshall General Edgar Wildrat
  • Elizabeth Swann
  • James "Usman" Strider
  • (Before his revolt) Captain Leon
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