"That is one hungry ship"

(Jack Raider after hearing of the HMS Everlasting's new name).

HMS Ravenous is a War Galleon in service of Beckett's Pride. It's building was initiated by Naval Officer Mark Firerage, but command of the ship was later given to Kyle Blackwall. The designated service it was built to perform was to ferry prisoners of Beckett's Pride to the prison center of Athrakka. It was outfitted with an extended amount of

The HMS Ravenous.

broadside cannons, and heavy plate armor to protect itself from enemy ships. Blackwall later customized it with two long range cannons in it's fore, designed to shoot over even islands.

It's original name was HMS Everlasting, but the name was changed to Ravenous because when an enemy of Beckett's Pride was reported to be on that ship and heading for detainment at Athrakka, people would say that they had been "eaten" by the Everlasting. To inspire fear in their enemies, Beckett's Pride changed it's name to Ravenous.

The Ravenous played many major parts in battles, which is unusual for a prison ship, but Kyle Blackwall has always been known to pick fights, especially against the guild Logan Heights. One such battle was at Port Royal, when a Logan Heights ship attacked the Ravenous, trying to free prominent Logan Heights member Johnny Blueskull. Logan Heights succeeded, but HMS Ravenous entered port at Isla Perdida and gathered together all the troops in the Pride army. This army then stowed themselves in the prisoner hold, and when HMS Ravenous approached the Logan Heights base, falsely offering surrender, the army broke out of the hold and captured the Logan Heights base, detaining Blueskull and 13 other ringleaders. Blackwall was renowned ever after as a driving force against Logan Heights. Shortly after this incident, a Predicon ship boarded the returning Ravenous, wounding Blackwall and killing many crew members, but a new Beckett's Pride recruit swun across to the Predicon ship using one of the attacker's ropes, and murdered the Predicon captain, forcing the Predicons to retreat.

This victory kicked off a massive Predicon offensive, which ended with 23 Predicon ships sunk or taken, and 26 Pride ships also sunk or taken.


  • Armor: 11,000
  • Sails: 10,000
  • Cannons: 10
  • Broadsides: 24
  • Cargo: 10
  • Crew: 18
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