The HMS Pelestu, Sailing into fog.

The ship was built in 1729, and is in service to to Royal Navy of The Kingdom of Great Britain, it is in the frigate class, and is a very reliable ship, it has served in many battles, and has been incredible that they survived them all. She is part of the Crows Fleet, which is a elite group of vessels under the command of Great Britain. Over the years it has gone through three Captains. Captain Malcome Reynolds, Captain Richard Keeler , and Captain Thomas Kichu. Reynolds was transferred to a larger vessel in the fleet, Keeler was killed, and Kichu is the current Captain.
Type: Frigate
Captain: Thomas Kichu
Broadsides: 24 (12 on each side)
On-deck guns: 16 (8 on each side)
Crew: 50
Allegiance to: Royal Navy, Crows Fleet
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