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The HMS Noble Navigator, sailing away from victory after minor damage!

The HMS Noble Navigator is the pride of the Royal Navy of Great Britain and Ireland. First built as a speedy for Lieutenant Sven Daggersteel, it became the symbol of British dominance in the sea.


The construction of the HMS Noble Navigator was first ordered by the EITC as a vessel for Lieutenant Sven Daggersteel. It became the flagship of the EITC's private armada quickly enough, as it sped through the water to engage the enemy before they could even load their cannons.

After several months, word of this remarkable war sloop reached King George II's ears. Lieutenant Daggersteel was reassigned to a post at Port Royal, as a captain of the fleet. After much trifle, Lieutenant Daggersteel rose to First Sea Lord.

In the midst of a battle against the Spanish, the HMS Noble Navigator received crushing blows, causing it flee from the battle. The battle ended in a loss, and the HMS Noble Navigator was in shambles. The disheartened First Sea Lord ordered to repair it - make it faster and stronger.

What emerged wasn't a ship. It was a goddess of the high seas. A red-and-gold war sloop with shining sails.

After many weeks, and the once-again promotion of the now Minister of Warfare Sven Daggersteel, the ship was dubbed the flagship of the Royal Navy.


The Noble Navigator is now decommissioned and is at port in London. The new pride of the royal navy, of the same  Noble Ship class, is the HMS Noble Thunder

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