HMS Black Swan
HMS Black Swan
The HMS Black Swan emerging from the night


Ship of the Line

Port of Registry

London, England

Guild Registry

EITC Black Guard


Ebon Slicin

Current Location

Swan Isle


The HMS Black Swan is the ghost ship that belongs to Ebon Slicin.


The HMS Black Swan was built in the mid-1600s as an East India Trading Company cargo ship. It constantly made voyages between Africa and Europe.

In 1690, the ship was captured by an African militia who called themselves the Desert Rangers. In an attack led by Ebon, the ship was recaptured 1697.

As a gift, the East India Trading Company granted him the ship, and a crew. He used the ship to cross the ocean and land on Swan Isle.

When Jolly Roger attacked the island, he sunk the HMS Black Swan, and brought it back from the depths as an undead ship.



The ship has torn sails, an un-patched hull, and menacing green cannons. The woman the front of the ship looks almost zombified.


Level—54 boss

Flagship - Yes

On-deck cannons - 50

Broadsides - 60 on each side

Hull - 30,000

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