HMS Apocalpyse is a War Brig in service of the guild Beckett's Pride, captained by Mark Firerage, it is not very fast, but has an extremely dangerous arsenal in it's possession, including tri-barrelled cannons rumored to have been built
312px-War Brig

The HMS Apocalpyse.

by the crew of the Flying Dutchman, voodoo cannons that focus and launch the voodoo energy from staves, and even a large cannon hidden in it's figurehead! It played a significant part in the 2nd Battle of Mar de Plata, cutting off Vengeance II as it attacked the flagship HMS Tyrant, and helped sink it in the final skirmish. But, it was almost destroyed by Tally-Ho in the battle of Tortuga, and had to retreat to the Beckett's Pride stronghold of Bastion City. From that point on, HMS Apocalypse was assigned to protect Bastion City, and it's reputation was so large, that even Jolly Roger's Undead Ships avoided it.

It shoots Explosive, Round Shot, and Firebrand, and it's figurehead cannon shoots Thunderbolt ammunition. Due to it's large arsenal, it has a reduced cargo capacity.


  • Armor: 13,000
  • Sails: 11,000
  • Cannons: 12
  • Broadsides: 24
  • Cargo: 14
  • Crew: 12
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