Your Guild is the next best thing to family. They're your closest mateys, the ones who will always stand by your side through sun and storm. Joining a Guild will make it easier for you to assemble a crew, and when contests and special events come up, you can always count on your Guild for help.

Any time you need to communicate with your Guild members, open your Friends Panel (Hot Key 'F') and click on Guild. Every member of your Guild will be listed there. Click on any member to view their Detail Panel. To send a message to all of your Guild members at once, click on the Guild Tab on top of the chat interface, and then send your message. Guild messages will show up in blue in the Chat Log.

Create or join a Pirate Guild – New Invitation Codes

Want to always have a band of Pirates to turn to for help? Different than a session-only Crew, you can create or join a persistent Pirate Guild and your fellow rogues will always just be a click away. To do so, follow the instructions below:

Create a Guild: To create an exclusive band of hearty Pirates, you must have Unlimited Access. In order to create a Guild, follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the Friends icon in your Sea Chest to bring up the Friends Panel. (Hint: To pull up your Friends Panel, just hit "F" on your keyboard while you're in the game.)
2. Click on the Guild tab located on the bottom right of the Friends Panel. This will bring up Guild Options.
3. Click on Create Guild, follow the on-screen instructions and then click OK.
4. You have now created a Guild!

Join a Guild: Any player can join a Guild but you can only be a member of one at a time — the Pirate Brethren doesn't really like to share.
There are two ways to join a Guild:

One–click Invite: A Guild Master or Officer can click on anyone in the game and invite him or her to join their Guild on the spot. (Hint: If you want to join, just ask an Guild Master or Officer in the game if they'd invite you. Hopefully, your persuasive ways will get them to give you an invitation.)*Once you join a Guild you can look at the membership list and interact with other members by exploring the Friends section of your Sea Chest. (Hint: To pull up your Friends Panel, just hit "F" on your keyboard while you're in the game.)

  • If you'd like to leave the Guild, just click on the Leave Guild button from the Guild tab of your Friends Panel

Invitation Code

A Guild Master or Officer can create an invitation code that can be given to any player to join their Guild. The invitation code is useful for inviting people to join your Guild, even when they are not currently logged in. They merely have to redeem the invitation code by clicking the Redeem Invitation button on the Guild Page the next time they log in.

To generate a Guild Invitation code, players must first be a Guild Master or an existing Guild Officer. (Note: Only Unlimited Access members can create Guilds.) They would then need to open their Friends Panel and select Create Invitation. Once they create a code they can distribute it to any player they would like.

  • Guild Master
    • A Guild Master can invite other Pirates to join the Guild, remove any current Guild members, and promote Guild members to various Guild Ranks. Currently, there is no limit on how many members a Guild Master can remove.
    • The Guild Master can also dissolve the Guild at any given time.
  • Guild Ranks
    • Officer – An Officer can invite Pirates to join a Guild and remove Pirates from the Guild. Please keep in mind, currently Officers can only remove 5 Pirates from a Guild per day.
    • Veteran (new feature!) – A Veteran can only invite Pirates to join the Guild.
  • Guild-wide Notifications (new feature!)
    • All Guild members will receive notifications when a Pirate joins or leave the Guild. All Guild members will also be notified if an Officer or the Guild Master has removed a Pirate from the Guild. Please keep in mind, you can only see Guild-wide notifications if you are logged into the game.

The Guild Officers and Veterans can continue leading the Guild if the Guild Master chooses to leave. But, since Officers cannot perform all the functions and duties of a Guild Master, it is better to re-form the Guild under a new Guild Master. Keep in mind, Guild members must first leave the old Guild in order to join a new Guild.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – Remember never to ask for or give your personal information to anyone in the game or online, including members of your Guild. This includes your Account ID, Password, phone number, e-mail or home address. It’s just not safe and Pirates always keep themselves safe first, savvy?

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