A long time ago, there was an ancient city in the Caribbean. Everything on it was made from gold and jewels. But after centuries of peace, evil fish creatures known as the Guardians of the deep were lead by a giant Anglerfish to the city and dragged it down to the depths of the sea. Now, the only way to explore the city and get its riches is to find four keys and insert them into a huge door. It is guarded by the Giant Anglerfish.


Talk to Jack Sparrow - 1500 notoriety

Jack found out about this city not too long ago. He needs help to get the riches. Jack already has two keys. Speak to Hector Barbossa about the rest.

Talk to Hector Barbossa - 200 notoriety

Just as you talk to Barbossa, Barracuda fish start to circle the grotto and are out to eat the entire room.

Activate Barracuda Boss Battle

Defeat 25 barracudas

Defeat 15 Anglerfish

Exit Boss Battle

Talk to Hector Barbossa - 1500 notoriety

Hector indeed knows where the first key is... in the bottom of an Anglerfish stomach.

Catch an Anglerfish

Talk to Jack Sparrow

You have the first key. Ask Tia Dalma of the next.

Talk to Tia Dalma

As you start to talk to Tia Dalma, the waters start to rise.

Activate Angler Boss Battle

Defeat 25 Anglerfish

Defeat 15 Barracudas

Exit Boss Battle

Talk to Tia Dalma - 30,000 notoriety

Tia knows where the key is... inside the belly of a barracuda.

Catch 50 Barracuda Fish

Talk to Jack Sparrow

Now that you have the keys, you must pass the Labyrinth and defeat the Giant Angler, and the treasure will be yours!

Explore The Labyrinth in Uncharted Waters.

Activate Angler Attack Boss Battle

Defeat 75 Barracuda Fish

Defeat 55 Anglerfish

Defeat Bobby the Anglerfish of the Abyss (level 75 Boss, 700,985 health, uses attacks: Bite 500-755 damage, Lure forces all pirates to wander towards him.)

Talk to Jack Sparrow

Gives enough notoriety to level you to 50

Gives enough gold to get you maxed

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