Uh oh! The skeletons sunk your ship? Own a War Frigate? Have 200 gold? No worries! Green Stone Boat Insurance is here to help!


Our mission is to provide the most sincere service out there, even though were the first Boat Insurance company ever.

What we do

Don't have enough money to repair? We can help with that. Don't have enough money to buy? We help you with that as well. We aren't fake either. Our people will give you money via poker if you ABSOLUTELY need it.


  • Founder/Owner/President/CEO - Jeffrey Blasthawk
  • Chairman - Jason Shiprat
  • Spokesperson - Vacant
  • Head Agent - Nicholas De Sailsbury(John Breasly)
  • Assistant Head Agent - Lord Cad Bane
  • Agent - Vacant
  • Agent - Vacant
  • Agent - Vacant
  • Agent - Vacant
  • Agent - Vacant
  • Agent - Vacant

Applications ( Post in comments)

I__________ would like to become the/a _________ In the Green Stone Boat Insurance. Yeah its a short application but what do you want me to do?

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