Grecia, or "The Kingdom of Grecia" is a state formed in 1607 under Lord Bartolomeo Outré . It is one of the few existing "kingdoms" left in 1885. It's known as one of the few City-States to be on constantly good terms with The Blue Rose, Sparta, The Overseers, and the Kingdom of Fleur. The Kingdom itself acted as a bridge between the settled lands of Hades, and the Wildlands.

Before the events of Serenity

Thirty years before the events of Serenity, the Kingdom had an alliance with Sparta, and it's lord, Giovanni. However, Giovanni wanted more land for his people to expand, and started annexing neighboring City-States, which promptly started the Spartan War, which Grecia aided in Sparta in secret, providing arms and supplies to Giovanni's soldiers after the Overseers set up a blockade. However, mid-way through the conflict, Giovanni publicly proclaimed the Kingdoms of Grecia and Fleur backed up. This upset Bianca Outré, the Countess of Grecia, who instead turned on Giovanni, turning the tide in the war to the Overseers' favor. When Sparta fell, Grecia was dealt with paying half of the costs of the conflict due to their assistance to Sparta, which Bianca took with pride, as she saw her mistake.


In 1885, Grecia stands as a monument to the times of old, many claim it is the "last relic of a bygone age." Bianca remains in control over her kingdom, despite a plague hitting it's people, and Reapers constantly ransacking her city.

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