Jacks Frigate

The Golden Dragon


The Golden Dragon is a War Frigate owned by John Breasly. It was purchased shortly after the sinking of the Outlaw Shark, and became his favorite ship. It has no known upgrades, except for the golden sails and dragon emblazoned upon them.

Notable Passengers

  • King George II (John Breasly)
  • King Philip V (Pearson Wright/Sir Carlos Clemente/Gaius Julius Caesar)
  • Louis I (Francis Chiphawk)
  • First Sea Lord Nathaniel Joseph Mallace (Sven Daggersteel)
  • Lord Leonardo Goldtimbers (Captain Leon)
  • Lord Johnathan Goldtimbers (Johnny Goldtimbers)
  • Lord Marshal Samuel Harrington (Samuel Harrington)
  • Duchess Grace Goldtimbers (Duchess of Anemois/Grace Goldtimbers)
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