Golden Company was founded on 24 December (1744) 2011 by a corsair, who fights in the name of the Spanish King. His name is Jack Marless.

News and released orders:

1. Wanted

2. Help! Looking for new recruits

Every new volunteer is welcome as meber, but to become a veteran or better an officer is hard work. Fist to be a veteran you must be a member; if you impress with you prestance as a meber and are devotated (not leave the guild and help when you must), you can become a veteran.

An officer is a very important person in a guild. So if you are a veteran and help a lot (including respec orders and NO MUTINY or laying ) you can become an officer. Members and orders:

Leader: Captain Marless Jack

Officers: Corly, (three free positiones)

Veterans: (10 free positions)

Members: ( can be recruited on Antik in Fort Charles)

The History of the guild

Jack Marless was a pirate before. He worked for the most notorious pirate from Caribbean, Jack Sparrow. He caused many serious problems and destroctions to Royal Navy and East India Trading Co.

Next he worked for Garcia de la Avaricia, the spanish lord, but then he got an impossible mission. He had to spy the activities from Fort Dundee. He was accompanied by his first mate, Raven O'morisson, but he lay him and helped the Local Navy to catch Marless and take him behind bars.

One day, the jail where he was prisonier, from Padres del Fuego, was full and some very dangerous pirates had to be transported in Kingshead. Kingshead is the most bigger EITC island. There are three huge forts, two jails, and is circled by a solid wall with hundreds of cannons. So, an EITC War Sloop started an expedition to Kinghead... Suddenly the sky was full of huge black clouds, a strange wind and fog. Tomas Blanco, the spanish undead officer, attacked with more an more ships the Royal Fleet. THe ship where Marless was held was very fast and arrived in Kinshead very quickly, but the rest of Navy ships were sunked.

So, one night there was a muitny and all prisoniers escaped and ran. Marless with some brave pirates captured an EITC officer and aked for freedom.I forgot to mention that EITC was in crisis and had many problems, so the department from Fort Charles was transformed in a new one. Then Golden Company was created and Marless was named leader of it.

G Co's purposes are:

   save people ;
   stop the thieves;
   guard the sea;
   help EITC a little;

The original existance contract


   Golden Company meetings (3-5 Januray 12 meetings - Fort Charles : first, 2nd, 3rd)

Userboxes for GC

- Userbox for member of GC:

- Userbox for veteran of GC:

- Userbox for officer of GC:

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