The most powerful weapons in Minecraft, forged by the Gods themselves. Many are hoarded by Lithium.

Right 2

The Sword of Dianite


Sharpness X - 32 Base damage

Smite X

Bane of Arthropods X

Drain V - Drains health and hunger on hit

Fire Aspect V - Fire damage for 20 seconds

Wither Aspect III - Wither III effect for 7 seconds

Poison Aspect III - Poison III effect for 7 seconds

Famine III - Adds Hunger V effect to target for 10 seconds

Strike III - Increases critical damage and chance by 30%

Slowness I - Slows target for 2 seconds.

Looting X

On Block: Launches a Wither projectile (5 second cooldown)

Unbreaking C

Particle Effect: Fire Sparks

The Sword of Ianite


Sharpness VIII

Knockback V

Frozen Aspect III - Applies Slowness X to target

Right Click: Use Gravity Beam to pick up and throw blocks from a distance

Shift Right Click: Teleport to crosshair

Unbreaking C

Particle Effect: Purple Bubbles

World Eater Blade (Saturn)


Sharpness XXX - 50 Base damage

Smite XV

Bane of Arthropods XV

Drain X - Drains 4 Hearts and 4 Hunger on hit

Wither Aspect V

Poison Aspect V

Fire Aspect V

Nausea Aspect V

Mining Fatigue Aspect V

Blindness Aspect V

Slowness Aspect V

Looting XXX

Famine V - Applies Hunger X effect to target

On Block: Encases nearby enemies in 2 blocks of ice and applies Wither V effect (10 second cooldown)

On Shift Block: Enables fly mode for 7 seconds

Strike V - Increasec critical strike chance and damage by 100%

Unbreaking CCC

Particle Effect: Explosion

The Armor of Mianite


Protection X

Blast Protection V

Projectile Protection V

Fire Protection V

Fiery Aura III

Poison Resistance III

Wither Resistance III

Nausea Resistance III

Blindness Resistance III

Weakness Resitance III

Slowness Resistance III

Thorns V

Fire Thorns V - Sets attackers alight for 10 seconds

Weakness Thorns II - Chance to render attackers weak for 5 seconds.

Depth Strider V

Respiration III

Aqua Affinity I

Feather Falling X

Footing V - No knockback

Resistance I - Active while armor piece is in use. Stacks with other pieces.

Strength 1 - Active while armor piece is in use. Stacks with other pieces.

Swiftness 1 - Active while armor piece is in use. Stacks with other pieces.

Gravitation 1 - Dropped items gravitate toward you

Unbreaking C

'Full Set Bonus: Regeneration III, '''''Saturation III, Armor V (extra hearts)

Particale Effect: Red Bubbles

The Armor of Saturn

Right 2

Protection XV

Blast Protection X

Projectile Protection X

Fire Protection X

Thorns X

Slowness Thorns V

Weakness Thorns V

Wither Thorns V

Swiftness II - Stacks with other pieces

Haste II - Stacks with other pieces

Anti-Photosynthesis - Regeneration IV effect applied while in darkness

Wither Aura IV

Frost Aura III - Slows nearby enemies

Debuff Resistance I - Not affected by negative effects

Lava Respiration III

Lava Affinity I

Footing V - No knockback

Full Set Bonus: Fire Resistance III + Regeneration IV + Resistance IV + 20 HP

Particle Effect: Smoke

The Armor of Dianite


Invincibility - Immunine to all damage except from diamond swords, players in diamond armor, and water

Fire Immunity

Knockback Resistance

Wearer Debuff: Slowness III

Wearer Buff: Strength II

Necromancy - Undead mobs are tamed to the player

Darkness V - Take critical damage from diamond items and water

Particle Effect: Fire

The Bow of Justice (Ianite)

Ender Bow Big

Power XV

Hit Scan III - 100% arrow speed increase

'Cursed Lightning - Strikes where arrow hits, also gives Wither AOE effect

Quickdraw V

Drawback III - Allowed to draw bow back further to do more damage

Aim I - No more projectile arc

Punch V

Flame V

Wither V

Poison V

Nausea V

Blindness V

Weakness V

Slowness V

Fire AOE I

Infinity I

Unbreaking C

Fires two arrows per shot

Particle Effect: Ender Pearl

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