We are the guild called G.O.A.T. i hope it gets approved by disney. It stands for Greatest Of All Time. Our guild logo is to the right. I am the leader O' Skull or you can call me whiteboy. We are going to try to have some guild events and recruiting partys. With a few of my friends in the guild we will expand to a bigger greater guild. If you would like to join i could get you a guild code.

Special wiki guild ranks

  1. Master Goat~ O' Skull
  2. Secondary Goat~ Ricardo O' Skull
  3. General goat~ Avaliable
  4. Sarge the goat~ avaliable
  5. Private goat ~ avaliable
  6. Cadet goat ~ avalaible
  7. The goat that runs around ~ avaliable


Yes this clan is also on Mw3 as very popular clan and with good players in the clan. If you want to add me my Gamer tag is XxChowxX

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