Crusader Shield

Shield of the Knight Templar, symbol of the Holy Crusaders and Glory Crusade

 The Glory Crusade is a new clan in the Caribbean, founded by Sir John Ragnar Glorybane. It was made in Europe, and was intended to be a clan in North America, until Sir Glorybane was shipwrecked. He decided that pirates are his only solution to fixing his problem. Pirates can join the clan and be trained into a new age of knighthood.


Glory Crusade's Origins

The Glory Crusade clan started as a division of the Holy Crusaders, another clan founded in Europe. The Glory Crusade was sent out to recruit new people to become knights, and continue the age of knights into a new of age of explorers. The Glory Crusade was assigned to go to North America, (which they just refer to as "The New World") but the ship with the knigths and

A crusader of the clan. (Glorybane lets pirates dress as they wish, so no required uniform like this crusader)

Sir Glorybane was sunk by Jolly Roger. From there, Sir Glorybane started the new knighthood in the Caribbean.

Ranks and How to Join

The Glory Crusade is a real guild in POTCO, and anyone willing to fight Roger and become a new-age crusader can join it. To join, you must find the clan leader, Sir Glorybane. He's usually found running around Tortuga, but in some cases found on Port Royal and Padres del Feugo. He is almost always on the server Abassa, only not on it when it's full. If you ask him to let you join, he will consider based on your skill (fighting skills mostly), level (He does his best to be fair to all levels), and worthiness (How worthy you will be and if you'll follow his commands when you can). By then, he'll give you a rank:

Paladin = Officer

Vanguard = Veteran

Squire = Member

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