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EITC? Various EITC officers (many of which are members of the Co. Black Guard) have begun showing hostility towards the Global Confederation. For example, today I was booted from the Co. Black Guard and stripped of my rank of forth-in-command of the EITC and member of Elders Council simply because I am part of the GC (I don't mind since I was going to start a new guild anyway). But nonetheless, shall we take action against the Co. Black Guard?

- President of the Economic Commission Jeremiah Garland.

I suggest a large campaign against the Co. Black Guard to be put in place - Not attacking it, but just releasing some of the things they have done ( such as previous wars and such ) thus making the public know of some of their doings.

- Secretary General Benjamin Macmorgan

Intervention on the Paradox

It has come to my attention that the Paradox has been expressing "domination" plans and actions, currently, Spain, France, Prussia, and many other key-factions in Europe are under the control of the Paradox. Should the Global Confederation intervene? And if we do how should we?

I Support Support - the idea. My plan of action is to infiltrate their guild with a non-violent spy to keep an eye on their guild.

- Secretary General Benjamin Macmorgan

I Support Support - the idea. The Paradox has certainly become a threat. In addition to Secretary General Benjamin Macmorgan's plan, I say that various guilds that oppose the Paradox form an alliance: APTO (Anti-Paradoxian Treaty Organization). The APTO helps counter Paradoxian rule by use of propaganda and anti-Paradoxian rallies, as well as other non-violent methods. EITC guilds, though, cannot be included in APTO, as they tend to make things worse for everybody.

-President of the Economic Commission Jeremiah Garland

Okay, as Secretary General, if another plan of action is not presented by this Friday, the Global Confederations will be going along with Mr. Garland's plan of action.

- Secretary General Benjamin Macmorgan

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