Ghost infestation is a side quest received from Ben Clubheart on Raven's Cove. The quest can be repeated as many times as possible.

Talk to Ben Clubheart

"Things aren't to good in Raven's Cove the past few days. Those ghosts are doing bad things, and scaring all the friendly folk away. Could you help?"

Defeat 15 Mutineer Ghosts

Defeat 15 Devious Ghosts

Defeat 15 Traitor Ghosts

Recover a stolen Map from a Crate

Recover a stolen Globe from a Crate

Recover a stolen Cannon Ram fram a Crate

Recover a stolen Pistol from a Crate

Defeat a firebat and recover a stolen fishing lure (50% chance)

Check on Crazy Ned

"That Rage ghost stole all of my gold! Could you help me?"

Defeat a Rage Ghost

Return to Crazy Ned

"Thanks so much for the help. Go back to Ben. I hear he needs your help."

Talk to Ben Clubheart

"Say, could you help me find a few parts for my sword? I'll pay you double!"

Catch 20 Sand Tiger Sharks and recover teeth

Catch 2 Goblin Sharks and recover blades

Catch 5 Marlins and recover blades

Sink a Death Omen and recover a handle

Return to Ben Clubheart

"Oh no! A nasty spirit called Foulberto Smasho has imprisoned friendly souls! Free them and defeat that monster!"

Activate an idol in El Patron's Mine

Lure 20 ghosts to watery grave

Defeat Foulberto Smasho

Return to Ben Clubheart

65,000 gold

20,000 Notoriety

World Eater Blade

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