Hello, fellow contributers, and those that have made it so far despite potco's closure. I would like to start this off on a more of a personal note. Despite all of the differences we have had in the past, all of the bans I have served, argued, contested, and all of the people I have boiled over, I apologize to you. Anyway, I think we all know that this has served a particular and popular presence on the wiki. It is a time for celebration, no matter what religion or culture you come from.


Now, with the lack of people on chat and a game to support all of us, the pressure is on us to sort of make an unofficial "celebration" to sort of bring us back together again. I also think it would be cool, (idea stolen from another wiki) if we had a "secret santa" ordeal. It would spark activity, and get some conversation going. You may leave a comment, or add ideas to the section below. Thanks.


User Ideas

  • I'd be willing to host a party on the WarfareCraft server. There's a massive city there, and I have a redstone Firework automator that fires over 700 fireworks per second in the New Orleans RPG city, since it's a Civil War server. I'd be glad to host this if you are interested. - Paradox Overlord