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George Warcutter is just your every day Pirate. If you take out everything else.

Early Life of G.W.

George Pius Jean-Baptist Warcutter was born on march 25, 1682 in England. He moved to france when he was 18 to become a lawyer, but found a vessel docked at port and stole it. He sailed off to the caribbean for a "better" life.

A Pirates Life

On his way, he was captured by franco-english pirates. He was sworn into their crew, and was elected captain. He was not yet 25. he became the richest pirate in the caribbean.

Crashing End

His fame and fourtune all came to an end when HMSSerapis, a ship of the line, ambushed his galleon. it, its plunder, and its crew were all lost. Except for George. He managed to swim away to Port Royal and earn some money by running errands, gambling, and looting.

Jack Shiprage

One day, George met a man named Jack Shiprage. He had been shot in the leg a couple years ago by the EITC. They became good friends and both vowed revenge on the EITC.


He made a living by making some of the finest guns, daggers, and swords in the caribbean. he accually spotted John Breasly once, but didn't say anything. By the time he was 30, he had made enough money to buy a new ship and supplies.


One day, he was walking along the road when he spotted two EITC grunts talking. He remembered his vow and silently slipped out a dagger. the two grunts noticed him, and idmediatley took action. One drew a cutlass, the other a pistol. George threw the dagger at the first, killing him. The second one opened fire on George, hitting him in the arm. then, the grunt ran off

Angel Bluebane

As George lay in the street wounded, a woman named Angel Bluebane walked up and treated him properley. After he was healed, he and Angel married.

Free French Forces

A year later, George made a guild for the french privateers. His right hand man, David Cutler Jones, is the co-owner of the guild. as always, we are looking for new troops constantly.


master crafted repeater pistol -famed-

navy guards bayonet -rare-

bloodfire broadsword -famed-

royal blunderbuss -common-

adders den knives -rare-

jungle dagger -rare-

deal breaker dagger -rare-'''''

pirate blade -crude-

grand pistol -crude-

grenade -common-

manipulation doll -rare-

Aur revoir and cheers, mate!

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