Freeman... Nobody know's exactly who he is, not even Freeman know's who he is entirely. Freeman was raised on Isla De Los Muertos, before it was cursed, and before it was called that. In one of Jolly Rogers invasions of the island, Freeman was drilled with a cannon ball, and knocked out. The last thing he knew was that he forgot most of his past. He woke to be on the island of Tortuga, to restart life.....

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This is Freeman the Goon, standing in front of his home.


Freeman now lives on Tortuga. He lives in the Wildwoods, and comes out to the village every now and then to do some erronds. He considers himself a nomad, since he has no home. He spends most of his hours fighting, training, sailing, and trying to survive. He was gifted a ship from Big Masts Inc. They said it was defective and if he could fix it he could have it. All his attacks on Navy cadets in the Wildwoods has earned him the nickname of Freeman The Goon. Freeman the Goon is very poor, and is still trying to make a living.


Currently, Freeman the Goon works for Big Masts Inc. as a part time job. He helps fix up ships that pull into Tortuga. His full time job is a merchant. Freeman goes around and takes all the junk he finds and sells it. It's amazing how so much junk can add up to be worth so much!

Gold: 804
Freeman's Shop

Swords: Boarding Cutlass, Sharp Broadsword, Sailors Cutlass, Rustly CutlassGuns: Matchlock Blunderbuss, Flintlock Blunderbuss, Wheelcock Pistol (2x), Flintlock Pistol, Seadog PistolItems: Smugglers Seacharts

Shop: Tortuga

Merchant Ship: Savage Mercenary (Light Frigate)

Big Masts Inc.

Freeman also works for Big Masts Inc. When he's not out aquiring merchandise, or training, he spends his time making gold while repairing ships.



My Stats

Notoriety 13
Cannon 4
Sailing 6
Sword 8
Gun 5
Doll 4
Dagger 4
Grenade N/a
Staff N/a
Potions 1
Fishing 1

Guild: Not in a guild


  • Savage Mercenary (Light Frigate)
  • Victory Stallion (Light Sloop)
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