Free as the Wind

"Not the most graceful beginnings..."

Prologue - Duality


A world as young and small as it is rife with crime, war, fairy tales, and endless adventure.

In its beautiful expanse can be found vivid landscapes ranging from lush plains to arid deserts, from the rolling waves of the vast ocean to the frigid gales of the treacherous taiga, from miniature islands inhabited by unsightly fiends to massive continents home to architectural wonders; in every corner of Aquila is a treasure waiting to be found - and a tale longing to be told.

And the same can be said of my "workplace" of northern Kilran! Home to humans and deformed, bloodthirsty, and vengeful ancient demons alike, there's never a boring day here. Ever since I politely quit my former employment, I've been prowling the countryside with nothing but my dear friend Bisa, a sack of carrots, and our horse Kuruka! We're part of a liberation group or whatever, but I find the kick of desecrating ancient cemeteries for gold nuggets much more worthwhile!

Back home on the coast, we've got a few other friends: Jamila, Nailah, and Azibo come to mind. They're all homebodies, so they don't come along with us much. We all went through the same ordeal - being kidnapped from home and sold for a price. And that's why I believe we were drawn together. They work admirably in keeping our little town of Darv alive, but I just can't sit still for a long. I need a spark in my life.

And in the midst of all the hungry macabre ghosts of the area, I've been looking for the "spark" to end them all. It's not enough to be free and wealthy.

I escaped to become stronger.

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