Fortuna Marketplace is the marketplace on Isle Fortuna, where English privateers go to gather their necessities.


Fortuna Marketplace is located near the beach of Isla Fortuna. It is west of the Head Privateer Office, and north of Henry's Promenade.


You can enter the marketplace (it is just an area like Kingshead Depot) by a thin stretch of beach, or by the path leading from the Head Privateer Office.

One inside, there are several market stalls with vendors selling all types of things. Each vendor has unique items.

Near the edges of the market place there are three stand-alone buildings:

  • Weaponry—The weaponry has one vendor behind a counter ,who sells all non-voodoo weapons. This is in addition to the vendors outside, who also sell weapons.
  • Tailor—The tailor has many unique clothing pieces for English privateers only.
  • Trade Office—A non-hostile EITC vendor selling many commodities from around the world.
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