Forteresse Désespoir is an old French fort located in a hidden inlet in the Lesser Antilles.


Forteresse Désespoir, formally known as Forteresse Tout-Puissant, was a secret French outpost located in the Antilles. In the mid 1600s, it was used to keep track of all new ships entering the Caribbean, and all older ships leaving it. Any ship that the French didn't want in the Caribbean, didn't get past Forteresse Tout-Puissant.

When expansion began to hit the Caribbean, Forteresse Tout-Puissant was converted into a military out-post, where all military commanders would stop before entering and leaving. Soon, the fortress couldn't be hidden, and was openly used.

In 1702, a pirate captain named Captain Diabolus led a raid against the fort from the North. The harbour of the fort, facing South-east, was well defended, and a most unfavourable attack route. Diabolus knew this, as he was a Prussian tactician in his early twenties. He cut his way through the jungles until he reached the edge of the clearing, which was about fifty yards from the fort walls. Diabolus ordered several Deadcoats under his command to head to the Western flank and lay down fire. Several minutes later, the screams and curses of the French were heard. Diabolus led his men to the fort walls, where they used sharp tools such as pick-axes and knives to scale the walls. When they found the closest window, they slipped inside. They found themselves in a weakly guarded tower, and it was cleared without a noise. They descended the stairway, and found themselves in a small "mud-room". Outisde was the interior of the fort. From the sounds of it, the Deadcoats were making themselves seem bigger than they were. They charged out into the courtyard, killing anything in sight. The battle raged for several minutes, in which the Deadcoats finally joined up with them. When they reached the dock, several ships owned by Diabolus had sunken the French warships, and were pounding the remainder of the French forces.

From that day on, the fort was known as Forteresse Désespoir, Fortress Desperation. Since then it has been a pirate haven for many independent captains.



  • Captain Diabolus
  • Swashbucker (several of them)
  • Buccaneer (several of them)
  • Deadcoat (several of them)
  • Captain Racks
  • Willie
  • Maiden Mari
  • Cutter Cal


  • Swashbuckler—lvl 5-7
  • Buccaneer—lvl 9-14
  • Deadcoat—lvl 15-20
  • Independent Captain—lvl 22-27
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