Fort Charles is a Royal Navy fortress, located on Port Royal, sitting atop Governor Swann's heights above the bay. It overlooks the town and bay, as well as the southern side of the island. It provides a training base for the Royal Marines, as well as a major Caribbean recruitment site. It also serves as a small trading outpost for the East India Trading Company, which is well, as Port Royal lies in the middle of British trade routes.


  • The officers' quarters, a small building guarding the entrance to the barracks area.
  • A typical soldier's tent. Located inside the camp area, it offers shelter for the lower ranks, but is not as comfortable.

All recruits make their homes in a private section of the Fort, allowing for a good ten tents and the officers' quarters. A peddler named Grace resides here, and sells cheap goods that entertain soldiers whose lives are otherwise boring while in training. The officers' quarters is a small building reserved for the commissioned officers, providing a stable, permanent shelter, as well as privacy and luxury. A typical soldier's tent is a well organized shelter for the lower ranks. Although it is not as comfortable as the officers' quarters, it offers a spacious area for soldiers to live in while off duty.


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The courtyard. The gallows and stocks are on the lefthand side, as well as the entrance to the supply depot. The two main entrances are on the middle right.

This area is the largest area of Fort Charles, where the gallows and training grounds are located. It is the centre of the fort, surrounded by the walls and upper levels of the fort. This area serves as a "public detainment" area, where the offenders are publicly held for punishment, and the more serious offenders are executed. The area provides room for marching drills, as well as weapon training. Officers wishing to observe training can simply stand on the walls above and look down into the courtyard.

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